Assorted Satin Cravats


10 in stock in this style/size/colour

Aussie made cravats.

Available in pre-tied with a fabric neckband or traditional Ascot style.

Not sure what colour to select? Visit our satin tie collection, all of which can be made in the style of a pre-tied cravat.

Cravats are shorter than standard ties and are designed to be worn with a shirt and vest or buttoned jacket or even with a sweater for a sophisticated casual look.

Made in Australia from satin polyster fabric.


Pre-tied approx 31 cm (from neck).

Self-tied Ascot 123 cm (tip to tip) by 16 cm wide.


Pre-tied cravat (with decorative button) and fabric neckband.

Self-tied Ascot

Material Satin polyester.
Colour Various.
Product Number EFC 206 Various

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