Purple Fat Boy Ties

So, what is a fat boy tie?

Did you ever wonder what a fat boy tie is?

This type of fat boy does nothing for Harley Davidson enthusiasts and has much more to do with men's formal wear.

Where the name came from I really don’t know, but fat boy (or fatboy) ties have really taken off in recent years as an alternative to a cravat or regular tie at weddings. You can buy them “untied” or “pre-tied” with matching adjustable neckbands.

The knot of a fat boy is looser and longer and the body of the tie is lavish. Satin, silk or tapestry-style fabrics are perfect. A talented dressmaker could make one to match the bridesmaid dresses or you can buy them in myriad colours. 
Worn with a matching or contrasting vest a fat boy tie lends an air of elegance without the formality of the cravat.

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