Man Wearing A Tie Clip

Tie Clips


      Tie Clips, Bling For Men!

      Whether you call them tie clips or tie bars, they are a practical and classy accessory. Keep your tie in place while adding a little sparkle to your day.

      Wear your tie clip between the third and fourth button of your shirt. Use the tie bar to clip the tie to the shirt, not just to clip the tie together.

      Bow ties, a fashion icon

      Bow ties are possibly one of the most enduring of men's fashion accessories. While their popularity, like all things fashion related, comes and goes, bow ties have been around for centuries.

      A descendant of the scarf-like cravat worn by 17th century Croation mercenaries to fasten their collars together, they have evolved to today's bow tie.

      These days most people chose the easy care pre-tied variety, the true bow tie connoisseur still opts for the traditional tie your own style.