Wedding Ties

Wedding Ties


      Formal and wedding ties in a wide range of styles

      Whatever the style of wedding, we have the perfect tie for you.

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      Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Tie

      Hey there, grooms-to-be and wedding enthusiasts! Planning a wedding involves a ton of decisions, and choosing the right tie is one of those details that can make a big impact. Here are some casual yet essential tips to help you pick the perfect tie for the big day.

      1. Match the Theme:
        Your wedding tie should complement the overall theme and colour scheme of your wedding. If you're going for a classic black-tie event, a sleek black or deep navy tie is a safe bet. For a more rustic or beachy vibe, lighter colours and patterns can add a fun twist.
      2. Coordinate with the Suit:
        Make sure your tie matches your suit. A solid tie with a patterned suit works well, while a patterned tie can add flair to a solid-colour suit. Try to avoid patterns that clash or colours that blend too much.
      3. Think About the Season:
        Seasonal colours and fabrics can make a difference. For a summer wedding, lighter fabrics like silk or linen and brighter colours are ideal. In winter, go for richer, deeper hues and thicker materials like wool or cashmere.
      4. Consider the Time of Day:
        Daytime weddings typically call for lighter, softer shades, while evening weddings can handle darker, more formal tones. This little trick can help set the right mood from the get-go.
      5. Coordinate with the Bridal Party:
        Your tie should complement, not clash with, the bridesmaids’ dresses and the overall colour scheme of the bridal party. Coordinating with your partner’s attire can also create a harmonious look in your photos.
      6. Play with Patterns:
        If you want to add some personality, don’t shy away from patterns. Stripes, checks, and subtle paisleys can add a stylish touch. Just ensure the pattern isn’t too overwhelming and fits the formality of the event.
      7. Don’t Forget the Knot:
        The type of knot you choose can also affect your look. A Windsor knot is classic and works well with spread collars, while a simple four-in-hand knot is perfect for a more relaxed look. Practice makes perfect, so try a few different knots to see what works best with your tie and shirt.
      8. Comfort is Key:
        You’ll be wearing this tie for hours, so make sure it’s comfortable. Test it out beforehand to ensure it’s not too tight or too loose.
      9. Get a Backup:
        It’s always a good idea to have a backup tie, just in case of spills or other mishaps. Better safe than sorry!

      Remember, your wedding day is all about you and your partner, so choose a tie that makes you feel confident and happy. Happy wedding tie shopping, and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!