Cufflinks, Perfect Bling For Men


Cufflinks, A Touch Of Bling For Men.

Cufflink Man

Why cufflinks? Even in today, a man wearing an earring can be frowned upon in the professional world and coming to work with a nose stud can be a career limiting move!

A single ring on each hand is just about acceptable and a stylish watch is a must. But in a shirt and tie culture even a classy gold chain goes unseen.

So what is a bloke to do if he likes a bit of bling? A pair of cufflinks may be the answer. They can be glitzy or gold. Crystal or mother of pearl. They can be sober or snazzy. And there are a myriad designs and price points to chose from.

Stay away from the overtly novelty type – no Homer Simpson donuts – but a discreet silver jet for example looks quite good. I would also avoid sporting logos, imagine reaching out to sign that new employment contract and your cuff becomes visible – wouldn’t it be a shame if your would-be employer is a one-eyed fan of the opposing team!

A sleek finishing touch to the business suit and an essential at any formal occasion, cufflinks provide the glamour. And at a black tie dinner you can team your cufflinks with a set of matching shirt studs – onyx and gold are my favourite.

Cufflinks make a great gift for a man who attends lots of formal events – or for someone who loves to wear French cuffs. And have become increasingly popular as gifts for men in the wedding party.