How To Care For Silk Ties

Don't get in knots about silk ties!

How to care for silk ties

The golden rule is make sure you untie your silk tie and hang it when you take it off. Leaving the knot in place may be tempting, but it will leave creases, permanently spoiling the look of the tie. Tie hangers are great, allowing your silk ties to hang beautifully and making choosing a tie in the morning easier and quicker. And best of all, you will always know where to find your fave. 

When travelling, don't carry your tie loose in your suitcase. Crush marks can be difficult to remove and shoes and toiletries can do irreparable damage. If you travel regularly for business a tie case is a good investment. Alternatively when you travel, fold your tie in four and place it inside your suit pocket.

Removing stains from silk ties can be a challenge. Don't attempt to wash it – water and silk are not friends – and dry cleaning is definitely not recommended. Spots can often be removed by careful use of a spot cleaner – or club soda – using a clean cloth. Treat grease marks with a little talcum powder to absorb the grease over a period of several hours – or overnight – then gently wipe the residue away using a clean cloth.

Tie bars are not only great bling for men, they are an extremely practical accessory. Keeping your tie where it ought to be - out of your soup and any machinery!

But if the worst comes to the worst and your tie is cactus, what a great excuse to buy a beautiful new silk tie.